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"Shrinkies"/ Plastic Tubes

This is the most advanced method to filling in thinning hair on the top. The Evolve Volumizer and the Volume + by Hair Dream's  integrate your hair within the "topper" which is securely locked down using beads to last 3-8 weeks before needing to be adjusted. This looks super natural with the ability to shampoo, swim, and enjoy life without looking thin on top anymore! Chris does offer a few other inexpensive pieces that doesn't integrate with your own hair, but cover the top of the head.

A quick method to get volume in the hair. It can also help those with very thin hair get more volume in their hair. Small amounts of your hair are sandwiched between two pieces of the tape extensions. The pieces are anywhere from 1.5" to 3" long (depending on brand). Some of the manufactures of the tape extensions will show a shiny area where the adhesive is. Let me show you the difference!

This is a form of using the i-tip hair (same as the micro bead). Instead of using a bead that is made of copper or aluminum, it is made of clear, brown, or black plastic that is heated then it shrinks around your natural hair. The application looks the same as the micro bead, but it is a stronger hold. The nice thing about Shrinkies (or plastic tubes) is you can remove the bond by either heat or pinching the bond several times, then applying orange oil to make the bond come out and let it be used again)

This is the most common method that I use because the hair lasts the longest and you never have to put pressure on the actual bond. It is great for the finest hair to coarse hair. The hair is bonded using either copper or aluminum beads, some even have silicone lining to protect your natural hair even more. The hair needs to be adjusted every 4-8 weeks to keep it looking nice. The hair should be replaced every 4-8 months to keep it looking nice. You can also loop the hair over the bead for double the hold. This other method is called "Double Loop".

Keratin Bond/ Fusion

Methods offered at Styles by Chris

Long hair is considered the epitome of female beauty!

"Hair Toppers"

This method is best for when you want a quick method that lasts without requiring any chemical to remove the bond (fusion or tape), or having to put clips (clip- ins) that can damage the hair if not applied properly. This method also is great for those that have thinner hair; it can help fill in the gaps. The adjustment need to be done every 3-6 weeks to prevent matting in the natural hair..

This is the most known method to a lot of people that have worn extensions in the past. It looks very similar to the shrinkies. This is a very strong bond, not the best for fragile hair, if not performed by the correct person. Inexperienced stylists will put too much hair onto your own hair and heat it at too high of a temperature. This will damage not only the extension hair, but your natural hair also. Once the bond is broken, the hair within it needs to be cut. Some hairstylist will re-bond this hair, but I have been taught that it isn't always the best for either your hair or the extension hair. This method does require either alcohol or acetone to break the bond, and sometimes a mix with oils.

*Styles by Chris requires a consultation before taking on a new client. This way she can figure out what type of hair extensions is best to use (if any) for your desired outcome, while maintaining the health of the hair. The consultation will also help you know what the overall cost of having hair extensions, and how to maintain them. Chris will help choose the hair that best works for your color, texture, and length based on the strength of your natural hair. Any hair that is not purchased through Chris can not be guaranteed to blend or stay in, since most of the time it is not the brands or type of extensions that she works with. Also, hair extensions are a luxury service that requires maintenance at an additional cost. 

Micro Bead

Tape/ Sticker/ "Quickies"

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*Consultations are a $50 fee that is applied to the service fee if you choose to have extensions done.

"One Step Weft" / Braidless weft

Since most people can't always grow thick/ long hair, this is where Styles by Chris comes in. Chris has been helping those that struggle to get the hair they have always wanted, at a fairly affordable rate (compared to the top hair salons in the Columbus, OH area).  She uses some of the top hair extensions brands in the industry in 6 different methods to help achieve different looks to best fit her clients needs and desires.


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