Methods used at Styles by Chris

This is the newest form of extensions used at Styles by Chris. With all of the popularity with Natural Beaded Rows/ Habitat Handied/ Handtied Wefts, Chris made sure to receive her certification in the Handtied extensions. This form is good for anyone that has dense enough hair to hide the wefts, or under a hair topper. This uses either a very delicate weft that is actually hand tied onto a thin piece of string, or a machine sewn weft. Small beads are first put on your natural hair then the weft is sewn on over them. This method needs adjusted every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows. Typically this hair needs to be replaced every 4th adjustment.

This is the most common form of hair extensions used at Styles by Chris. The keratin bond extension is installed using a heating tool at a low temperature on the bonds that are made of the natural protein of the hair, along with a silicone additive. Excellent for all hair types because the bonds are small and can be cut down to match the finest/ thinnest of hairs. This method is great for someone who loves to put their hair up since the bonds provides flexible movement. Also great  for those that want color variation to their hair without adding damage to their own. 

When it comes to maintenance of the keratin bond, the average client comes in every 8-10 weeks to get "filled in", and every second or service  is a complete take down and full install using new hair each time. 

Non-Semi-Permanent Methods

Microbead/ Cylinders/ Beaded 

When your hair really has gotten thin on top, most regular  hair extensions .This is the most advanced method to filling in thinning hair on the top. The Evolve Volumizer and the Volume + by Hair Dream's  integrate your hair within the "topper" which is securely locked down using beads to last 3-8 weeks before needing to be adjusted. These pieces can last around 1 year, but have had some last even longer with great care. They look  super natural with the ability to shampoo, swim, and enjoy life without looking thin on top anymore! Chris does offer a few other less  pieces that does not  integrate with your own hair, but cover the top of the head. 

Handtied Wefts/ NBR/ Malaysian Braidless/ Volume Weft

What kind of Bond is best for you?

Tape/ Sticker/ "Quickies"

if you are wanting to try a method that you can take in and out, or just wear every now and then, Chris can help you with choosing the correct type of clip in's or halo extensions with great color matching. These are still good quality hair, but not meant for shampooing as much as a semi-permanent extension, so the hair does cost a little less. These clip ins and halos range from around $350- $800

One Step Weft/ Beaded Wefts

Semi-Permanent Hair Toppers/ Evolve Volumizer

Keratin Bond/ Fusions

Shrinkies/ Shrink Links

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This method is best for when you want a quick method that lasts without requiring any chemical to remove the bond (fusion or tape), or having to put clips (clip- ins) that can damage the hair if not applied properly. This method is similar to the handtied wefts, but have the bead attached to the weft which makes it not as durable as the handtied.. The adjustment need to be done every 3-6 weeks to prevent matting in the natural hair..

This is a form of using the i-tip hair (same as the micro bead). Instead of using a bead that is made of copper or aluminum, it is made of clear, brown, or black plastic that is heated then it shrinks around your natural hair. The application looks the same as the micro bead, but it is a stronger hold. The nice thing about Shrinkies (or plastic tubes) is you can remove the bond by either heat or pinching the bond several times, then applying orange oil to make the bond come out and let it be used again). This was very popular until the keratin bonds changed to a softer keratin and no longer needed acetone to get them out. These needed to be adjusted every 6-10 weeks.

A quick method to get length and volume in the hair. It can also help those with very thin hair feel thicker, but can sometimes cause stress to the natural hair by having too much weight on one area. This process requires small amounts of your hair are sandwiched between two pieces  or an extension with a clear piece on the back of the tape extensions. The pieces are anywhere from 1.5" to 3" long (depending on brand). Some of the manufactures of the tape extensions will show a shiny area where the adhesive is. These are not one of my favorite types since they can be somewhat damaging to the hair. You will read online that they are not, but that comes from stylist that will use these since a stylist doesn't have to be certified in any hair extensions to do these. Typically you can do a full head of these within 45 minutes to 1 hour. This hair needs to be replaced every 3-5 months.

Microbead extensions are a strand by strand application for maximum versatility and movement, along with easy removal and reapplication to my clients hair. The hair is bonded using either copper or aluminum beads, sometimes with or without a silicone lining depending on the hair texture.

After the initial installation, the hair needs to be adjusted every 4-8 weeks to keep it looking nice due to the growth of your natural hair.. The hair should be re every 4-8 months to keep it looking nice.

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